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Tile & stone remains one of the most timeless choices among flooring selections. It’s no wonder: stone among the most beautiful and durable flooring options available. This is one reason why it’s often used both inside and out: it holds up well against pretty much anything that any season throws at it (including extreme temperature changes). So it’s no surprise that new trends continue to take off in tile & stone flooring. We’ll take a look at some of the latest here.

Geometry and Patterns


We’re definitely seeing a comeback of the geometric patterns that proved a hit in the early 20th century. Building on a classic favorite with modern aesthetics, intricate new designs capture the natural beauty of stones with cohesive colors. The result is a unique blend of beauty and sophistication that perfectly pays homage to its stylish roots.

Even better, geometric tile & stone patterns are now also being used to adorn walls, backsplashes, shower spaces and even fire places.

Darker Tone and Color Blends


For a few years, it seemed that a certain reluctance limited the choices of designs based on dark tones. We’re not sure why, but that reluctance seems to be fading, and for the better: we’re seeing a new demand for certain tones or hues of green, gray and yes, even black. Some of these darker tones still build on classic design patterns, thus extending the blend of natural styles with modern aesthetics mentioned earlier.

Playing With Colors


Don’t let the emerging popularity of darker tones fool you: many homeowners and interior design enthusiasts are also getting a little more creative with their tones and colors. This means we’re seeing a more bold use of varying colors adorning homes. In fact, contrasting tones between floor and wall tiles seem to compliment each other pretty well (just take our Collina room scene as an example).

New Outdoor Styles


As we’ve mentioned, the durability of tile & stone makes it a popular choice for outdoor applications. But as newer styles emerge, we’re seeing tile reflect the aesthetic appeal of other materials on outdoor patios and walkways. For example, our Macedonia collection reflects the beauty of hardwood through the versatility of porcelain. The same also holds true for high-traffic areas like offices. See it in action with our Parla room scene.

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For more information about tile & stone flooring, including which trending selections are best for specific applications, visit Twin Falls’s flooring leader at Rocky Mountain Flooring today! While here, be sure to also explore our stylish selection of counter tops and cabinets.