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Carpet probably isn’t something that you think of often. So when it does come to mind, you likely picture that monotonous material that spreads across a room. You may also consider how easy it is to stain and difficult it can be to clean.

However, there is so much more to modern carpet in terms of style, durability, and performance. Here, we’ll discuss a few reasons why carpet is worth another look.

Carpet Spills & Stains

Carpet doesn’t have a great history with “accidents”. In fact, this is one of the top reasons that homeowners often choose hard surface flooring. Fortunately, this is changing.

Waterproof Carpet Backing

Traditionally, something as simple as a spill meant stopping everything in an attempt to clean and soak it up before seeping through to the subfloor. Many newer carpets have a backing that is engineered to completely block spills from seeping through, even if they aren’t cleaned right away. We carry many of these styles like our Performance Destination carpet.

Spill Treatments

What about the fiber itself? After all, this is where stains are the most prominent. Modern carpet treatments (often applied during manufacturing) such as R2X are designed to completely surround carpet fibers top to bottom. They feature water and stain repel technologies that prevent spills from absorbing or staining carpet fibers.


Carpet has always provided a warmth that most hard surface options could never match. However, modern carpet goes much farther in providing comfort. Fibers such as satin and nylon are exceptionally soft and comfortable to walk, sit or lay on. Even better, newer carpet cushions not only provide better durability for the carpet, but also a more plush surface to walk on.


If you’ve ever noticed a small trail form in your carpet in high-traffic areas, you’ve already seen the effects of crushing. This is just the beginning of the challenges that face traditional carpet. Fray and tearing have also been concerns.

Newer carpet fibers – especially those constructed of enhanced nylon (such as Anso or Stainmaster nylon) are designed with durability in mind. Enhanced nylon can withstand years of heavy foot traffic without fraying, tearing, or losing its shape.

Of course, anyone can say that. However, you’ll also find a lifetime residential warranty covering many of our high-performance carpet lines.


There was a time when carpet was a single neutral color that would spread evenly across a room. While this set a flexible foundation for the style of a room, homeowners are looking for a little more style from their floors – and carpet mills are responding. Patterns are more prevalent than ever, and include geometric shapes, floral designs, and even the artisan touch.

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