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Luxury vinyl flooring has been trending for some time, and that trend is set to continue in 2019. From style to performance, there are many reasons for vinyl’s popularity. We’ll take a look at a few of them here and explore why they’re especially beneficial for Twin Falls homeowners.


In recent years, styles derived from the beauty of nature have become wildly popular. And, of course, the flooring industry already has its own natural solutions: hardwood and stone. However, both tend to be fairly expensive. And when new flooring is more of a luxury than a necessity, it completely falls out of the range of most homeowners.

This is where wood-look and stone-look luxury vinyl flooring steps in. Vinyl flooring can be designed to perfectly replicate the look and even texture of natural flooring. This aesthetic is achieved by applying a high-definition picture just above the surface of the flooring, then protecting it (and the floor itself) with a treatment that also adds the realistic texture. And on that note, textures are another trend expected to take off in both hard surface and soft surface flooring in 2019.

Even better, vinyl flooring can perfectly reflect the rustic accents that are often applied to natural aesthetics. For example, many LVP selections are designed to perfectly mimic the look of distressed, hand scraped and wire brushed wood.

If you’re still unsure about choosing a synthetic alternative to the actual thing, consider the additional styles available with vinyl. Since LVT and LVP are completely manufactured, their styles can be customized. So, luxury vinyl flooring typically offers more color selections than natural hardwood and stone flooring.

Moisture Resistance

Luxury vinyl tends to be one of the most moisture-resistant flooring options on the market. In fact, many lines are completely waterproof. In other words, moisture won’t absorb into the planks (or tiles), even if spills aren’t cleaned right away. A completely waterproof design also means that spills won’t soak into the subfloor.


Luxury vinyl flooring has benefited from a variety of innovations and design processes in recent years. As a result, it now offers a level of durability that rivals (and often exceeds) both hardwood and stone. For example, the available ScufResist™ Platinum Finish offers superior protection against both scratches and scuffs. Higher wear layer thicknesses (measured in mils) offer additional protection, and an attached acoustical backing can provide both enhanced durability and noise cancellation. Common wear layer thicknesses are 6, 12, 20, even 30 mils.

Unlike solid hardwood, luxury vinyl is especially resistant to the extreme temperature changes we experience here in Idaho. Solid hardwood is known to expand and contract during seasonal changes. Even after years of use, you’ll never have to worry about seasonal damage to your vinyl floors.

Pet Friendly

You may have already seen an additional benefit of luxury vinyl surface: it’s perfect for pets! Accidents will no longer damage your flooring or soak through to the subfloor, and pets running excitedly across the floor will no longer scratch its surface with their nails.  This is especially important as we bring our pets inside more to escape the falling temperatures.

Easy Installation

Yes, luxury vinyl is even trending for its installation. Why? Because the click installation makes it so easy, even most inexperienced homeowners can install it without professional assistance. Placing each plank or tile into place is as simple as piecing together a puzzle (just over a larger area). And in most cases, you can leave your existing flooring when installing LVT or LVP.

Learn More

To see what’s driving the luxury vinyl flooring trend for yourself, or to get expert advice from Twin Falls’ premiere flooring experts, visit Rocky Mountain Flooring today!