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Laminate floors first gained popularity by offering an authentic wood look in a more versatile package. Over the years, it has helped set trends that have redefined interior design.

Rustic Surfaces

As laminate flooring offers more realistic visuals, hand-scraped surfaces have become a popular choice. They offer the same rustic appeal that has become wildly popular with authentic wood applications while still offering a more robust option. These visuals include the scrapes and scallops that reflect the personal touch of an artisan.

Of course, the rustic appeal is about more than just scrapes. The larger trend towards farmhouse and country homestead aesthetics continues to impact flooring as well. More traditional aesthetics are also making waves. 

More Species Adding Their Touch

Each species of wood offers its own unique appeal. Laminate floors are increasingly incorporating these visuals into their own designs. From elm to tropical trees, laminate floors can reflect the aesthetics of exotic species with less of an environmental impact.

More Colors To Choose From

Since laminate uses a photo layer for its aesthetics, it offers more color options than traditional wood flooring. This, of course, means a more unique, personal style for your home. As a result, gray tones have become especially popular. Blonde, whitewash and high variation colors are also trending.

Versatility: A Local Trend

With 20 to 30 degree temperature shifts on a daily basis, it’s safe to say that the climate in Twin Falls has a mind of its own. Between that and the excessive snowfall during winter, our floors experience a unique challenge not found in much of the rest of the country. Unfortunately, these changes can cause expansion gaps in traditional solid hardwood flooring. Laminate, however, is more resistant to environmental changes and does a much better job of retaining its shape. We need floors that are up to the challenge, so it’s easy to see why laminate is a trendy choice locally.

Learn More

New floors can impact more than your home’s style. If you’re ready to make an informed choice, visit the leading flooring experts in Twin Falls at Rocky Mountain Flooring today! Check out our laminate here on our website or if you need more detailed information, click here.