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Porcelain tile flooring is a newer take on ceramic tiles that blends the best materials nature has to offer with the latest innovations of top flooring manufacturers. The result is a stylish floor that offers exceptional long-term performance. In this post, we’ll quickly discuss why porcelain tile floors are an especially great choice for Twin Falls.

Outdoor Use

Planning your backyard getaway? Porcelain tile is suitable for outdoor use. It has the durability, resilience, and moisture resistance to withstand harsh conditions, even outside. Just ensure that it’s installed over a level surface and, ideally, in a covered area.

Frost Resistant

Speaking of outdoor use, winters get pretty chilly here in Twin Falls. So can porcelain tile handle our cold, snowy winters outside? Absolutely! Porcelain is frost resistant and designed to withstand frigid conditions, even after long-term exposure. Just remember to use a grout that’s also frost resistant.


Tile & stone flooring in a bathroom

The smooth, hard surface of porcelain tile creates a hostile environment for bacterial growth. While regular cleanings are still important, porcelain tile floors remain fresher between cleanings. They are also much easier to clean and maintain. The hygienic surface makes porcelain tile more resistant to odors.


We love the local outdoor scene, but stomping into your home on muddy hiking boots and tossing gear down can prove challenging for your flooring. Fortunately, porcelain tile floors are up for the challenge. During the manufacturing process, they are fired at much higher temperatures than conventional ceramic, resulting in a much denser tile. Glazed porcelain tile is also designed to resist scuffs and scratches.


Close shot of porcelain tile designed to resemble wood

Natural stone designs look great inside and out. Porcelain tile beautifully reflects these designs, but it’s not limited to them. It’s often designed to resemble wood, bringing hardwood aesthetics into places where wood planks just won’t last.

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Flooring is a large investment, and there are more options to choose from than ever. If you’re ready to make the right choice for your home, visit the leading experts in Twin Falls at Rock Mountain Flooring, Inc.